Lipless Crankbait Lure Identifier

A Lipless Crankbait’s small size and action results in a precise baitfish mimic. You can catch fish on a lipless all the time.




How to Fish Lipless Crankbaits for Bass

Lipless Crankbait Lure Identifier

Lipless Crankbait Lure Identifier shows that these baits are a tight wobbling lure. They can be used to catch bass anywhere in the country. Bass are wired to eat these lures. Lipless Crankbait’s small size and action results in a precise baitfish mimic. You can catch fish on a lipless all the time. Certain times and conditions will they work better than all the rest of your lures in your arsenal of baits.

Lipless crankbaits (also known as “rattle traps”) are flat-sided lures that wobble when retrieved. Most have two treble hooks that dangle freely. A split ring on the top-front portion of the bait for tying up.

Many lipless crankbaits also contain rattles or a “knocker” – a metal weight inside the bait that clacks back and forth. Either option creates a lot of noise and disturbance, but each is different.

Lipless crankbaits are incredibly versatile. In large part to the multitude of techniques that can be implemented when fishing them. They also come in a large variety of colors to match nearly any bait, from shad to perch to crawfish.

Lipless Crankbait in Action:

Lipless crankbaits can be fished any number of ways. They can be fished nearly anywhere in the water column. Their lack of buoyancy, which makes targeting both suspended fish and shallow bass equally fruitful.

A lipless crankbait wobbles on a straight retrieve. The amount of vibration it creates is proportionate to the speed of retrieve. Likewise, rip a lipless crankbait, and it’ll rocket forward with aggressive vibration and fall back down with a subtler action. Often the key to a good presentation is to make contact with structure or to rip free of vegetation. Which is one of the favorite ways to fish a lipless crankbait.

Where to fish for Bass Lipless Crankbait Lure Identifier:

The most common location to fish a lipless crankbait is around submerged vegetation such as milfoil and hydrilla. Fish relate to underwater grasses all times of year.

Like a swim jig or spinnerbait, lipless crankbaits can be retrieved over the top or around the edges of grass. They can also be ripped through grass fairly easily. Making them tremendous baits for coaxing those fish hiding in grass into aggressive reaction strikes.

Bass moving into the shallows (generally in the spring or fall). Lipless crankbaits can be fished similarly to diving crankbaits, by steadily winding so they tick bottom or just above it.


When fishing around grass, it’s best to use a heavier rod than you might use with other treble-hook baits. This maintains the ability to pop the bait free of vegetation. Make sure it has enough flex in the tip to counteract the extra backbone and keep fish pinned longer.

Any baitcasting rod longer than 7 feet (for long casts) will work. While some prefer a heavy rod for ripping grass, medium-heavy often works fine. Allowing the fish to stay pinned longer when you hook up.

A traditional moderate-action crankbait rod is also an effective choice. Slow-rolling or bombing casts on vast flats where grass isn’t an issue. Helping to keep fish pinned during the fight.

Gear ratio is a little more at the discretion of the angler and the scenario. Some prefer a slower gear ratio (in the 5.4:1 to 6.1:1 range). This will keep the bait in the strike zone longer. Others prefer a higher gear ratio (7.3:1) for long casts. Now you can allow for a fast retrieve as soon as the bait hits the water.


It’s always important to cover water efficiently when developing a productive bass fishing pattern. However, efficiency plays a paramount role when finding winter bass. Lipless crankbaits give you the ability to fish quickly in hopes of finding a giant group of fish.

If you’re not using this versatile big fish catching bait, you are missing out. Lipless Crankbaits can be used in a variety of situations and are effective almost all year. They are exceptionally effective during the pre-spawn when bass are looking for an easy meal. Tie one on and give it a try this year, you will be glad you did.
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