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The “007” theme has been the forefront of my own branding.




Lee Bailey Pro Angler (one of the Nations most recognized pro bass fisherman)

Lee Bailey Pro Angler has retired his Bassmaster Elite number ‘OO7’ back in 2007. Lee Bailey  is now focusing on his design, promotional talents and extensive bass fishing knowledge. “Wow where has the time gone”. “God has blessed me with a great competitive career as one of the Nations most highly respected pros, as well as one of fishing’s most popular personalities”. Bailey is bringing his over 35 years of bass fishing knowledge to you in his latest book “Strategies for Bass“.

“I am a retired Bassmaster Elite series and FLW professional angler. I am the Northeast’s most publicized and prominent tournament angler. I founded and completely managed the renowned Foxwoods Bass Challenge Tour. The largest and most professional run bass tournament circuit ever in the history of bass tournament fishing in the Northeast. I am now residing in Lake Wales, Florida”.

“I am excited about continuing my career in the fishing and promotional market. I am designing websites for many anglers and companies in and out of the fishing industry”.
Author, Bassmaster Champion, artist, web site designer, photographer, bass fishing guide, lure designer, lecturer, tournament organizer, promoter, environmentalist and teacher of fishing skills all describe Lee Bailey, Jr. Lee’s many written articles, designs and photos have been featured in numerous publications including BASSMASTER, B.A.S.S. Times, In-Fisherman and Fishing Tackle Retailer magazines, just to name a few..

NOW! Lee brings this expertise to you through the renowned Lees Design Series™, Lee Bailey jr.com and his latest book “Strategies for Bass“.

Lee’s Design Series™

Lees custom shirts, wraps, trucks billboards, websites and more.

Lee keeps himself on the leading edge of bass fishing promotion, and this is what draws the interest of many corporations. In and out of the outdoors and fishing industry people have come to use and trust Lee Bailey Jr (Lees Design Series™). Foxwoods Resort and Casino, PAA (professional Anglers Association), Gilbert & Baker Ford, e21 Carrot Stix, MegaStrike, Inc. and top competitive anglers like The Gman – Gerald Swindle. Preston Clark and Russ Lane are just a few.

Lee Bailey Jr (Lees Design Series™) has become the one you want in your corner for a fresh new imaginative design and branding strategy.

Lee has been using identity branding from the beginning of his career. The “007” theme has been the forefront of his own branding. From Lee’s personal website www.leebaileyjr.com to his “007” Bassmaster Elite Series angler number.

Lee’s all or nothing attitude and reputation of being one step ahead of the competition in branding and promotions fit perfectly with the “007” theme.

Lee Bailey Jr Lees Design Series™ has helped bring a unique look and feel to many companies and professional anglers that have created their own market branding identity.

Fishing Factors™

Fishing Factors™ is the most comprehensive and informative bass fishing site on the Web!

This learning center has been a dream one for many years. I am excited to be able to bring all this information to my many fans and anglers across the country. The rapid rate at which the thirst for knowledge about bass behavior, techniques, tips and tricks of the pros has increased in recent years it has made compiling a comprehensive teaching and learning website on bass fishing a formidable challenge.

Nonetheless, Fishing Factors™ is meeting this challenge. Bass Fishing Factors™ is here to do one thing: bring a new, exciting and easy way to help you find learning information about bass fishing. Fishing Factors™ specializes in bass fishing tips, tactics, articles and techniques proven to catch bass.

The tips and techniques on Fishing Factors™ are written by Lee, a professional writer.

As you clock more and more bass-fishing hours you will acquire a knack for choosing the right lure and technique for the right situation. Until then though, continue to visit us here and learn the latest in bass fishing knowledge.

Strategies For Bass.

“Strategies For Bass” is the most comprehensive compilation I have ever put together “I am excited to be able to bring all this information to my many fans and anglers across the country”.

In the chapters of “Strategies For Bass” you will find an accumulation of my 30 plus years studying bass. I will get into some in-depth discussion on the many approaches. These will help you to be a consistent and successful bass fisherman.

“Strategies For Bass” has the most impressive collection of up-to-date information, novice as well as experienced anglers will learn everything they need to know to catch largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. Readers will find in-depth coverage of bass biology and behavior, with clear, concise text and more than 50 chapters and photos.

“One last thing to remember is that the real reason why we all enjoy fishing so much is the fun and camaraderie we experience with our friends and family. Some of the best fishing stories have nothing to do with how many fish we caught or what bait or technique we used. They are about the people we were with when we created those memories”.


Lees Fishing FsctorsAn excellent collection of fishing tips, fishing tactics, and fishing tricks for bass, by Lee Bailey Jr As you clock more and more bass fishing hours you will acquire a knack for choosing the right lure and technique for the right situation. The best advice is to examine the fishing conditions, ask for guidance from anglers familiar with the waters you are fishing. Try these different Fishing Factors™ techniques until you discover what works most effectively.

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