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Lee is a retired Bassmaster Elite Series Pro. He is now residing in FL and concentrating on his Florida Bass Fishing Guide.




Lee Bailey Jr Retired Bassmaster Elite & FLW Pro

Lee Bailey Jr running back to weigh-in

Lee Bailey Jr Elite Series Pro has retired his Bassmaster Elite competitor number ‘OO7’. Retiring from competitive fishing back in 2007. He is now focusing on his writing, Florida bass fishing guide service, website design, development, SEO, promotional status and extensive bass fishing knowledge. “God has blessed me with a great competitive career and as one of the Nations most highly respected pros.” This is because Lee became one of fishing’s most popular personalities”.

“I have won tournaments at all levels, including the prestigious tournament trail of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. I have been blessed to compete in three BASSMASTER Classics and two FLW Tour Championships”.

Lee Bailey Pro Angler is a Florida Bass Fishing Guide. “I am a retired Bassmaster Elite series and FLW professional angler and one of the Northeast’s most publicized and prominent tournament angler.

Lee has become one of the leaders in the outdoors industry so has his creative designs in both graphic websites and Lure Designs. Lee has developed exceptional promotional / branding expertise. “I am excited about continuing my career in the fishing, writing and promotional market. I am building websites and doing promotional – Branding for many anglers and companies in and out of the fishing industry”.

Tips and techniques in “Lees Fishing Factors™”

Lee Bailey Jr going thru morning boat check

Author, Bassmaster Champion, artist, web site designer, photographer, bass fishing guide, lure designer, lecturer, tournament organizer, promoter, environmentalist and teacher of fishing skills all describe Lee Bailey, Jr. Lee’s many written articles, books, designs and photos have been featured in numerous publications including BASSMASTER, B.A.S.S. Times, In-Fisherman and  Fishing Tackle Retailer magazines.

NOW! Lee brings this expertise to you through his Florida Bass Fishing Guide™ and his latest book “Strategies For Bass™“.

Lee keeps himself on the leading edge of bass fishing promotion. This is what draws the interest of many corporations. In and out of the outdoors and fishing industry. People have come to use and trust Lee Bailey Jr (Lees Design Series™). Foxwoods Resort and Casino, PAA (professional Anglers Association), Gilbert & Baker Ford, e21 Carrot Stix, MegaStrike, Inc. and top competitive anglers like The Gman – Gerald Swindle. Gary Klien, Preston Clark and Russ Lane are just a few.

The tips and techniques in “Lees Fishing Factors™” written by Lee Bailey Jr. As you clock more and more bass-fishing hours. You will acquire a knack for choosing the right lure and technique for the right situation. Until then though, learn the latest in bass fishing knowledge right here in the articles of (Lees Fishing Factors™).

Strategies For Bass is a 218 page book filled with Lee’s expertise and techniques from his over 30 years of tournament fishing.

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