How to Fish Jerkbaits for all Species

Jerkbaits For All Species

Jerkbaits For All Species is one of the simplest, yet most effective tools an angler can have in their arsenal is a jerkbait. This lure can be used from coast to coast and is responsible for catching tons of giant bass. This lure is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require any specialized equipment. You can fish this bait in a variety of scenarios, and it truly works on every lake and river in the country. Throwing a jerkbait is simple, however there are several nuances that will help you become a more successful jerkbait angler.

Jerkbaits are a minnow-shaped lure that provides a horizontal presentation. A straight retrieve makes a jerkbait swim with a shimmying action. This catches fish, but where a jerk-bait shines is on a snap-pause retrieve, which gives it an erratic, darting action that drives fish wild.

How to fish:

There’s more than one way to fish Jerkbaits For All Species. Some prefer more of a sideways, rather than a downward, snapping retrieve. Mixing up your retrieve mechanics can also prevent arm fatigue. When trying different retrieves, first make a short cast and watch the lure to ensure it has a good action.

Tweaking your retrieve style and cadence is also a good tactic when fishing different models, such as shallow-, mid-, or deep-diving jerkbaits. Instead of using the typical twitch-twitch-pause retrieve, change it to a pull-pull-pause routine for this bait. You don’t want to rip it as much as pull it. It’s a subtler bait.

Where to fish:
  • Rocky shorelines, points, and mid-lake structures: Use different casting angles to cover these areas
  • Sand and grass flats: Cast the bait near light-dark edges and swim it over the tops of vegetation
  • Ledges and drop-offs: Retrieve the bait perpendicular to the break; fan-cast to cover a range of depths
  • Around docks: Don’t be shy about working a jerkbait around dock pilings
    Open water: Cast anywhere bass are actively feeding on baitfish


  • 8- to 14-pound is common
  • Good all-around choice, suitable for anglers not interested in tying leaders
  • Sinking properties cause the lure to dive deeper
  • Stiffness transmits rod snaps well for good bait action
  • Nearly invisible underwater; perfect for clear water/line-shy bass


Medium-power rods in the 6’6” to 7’ range are popular. These lengths let most anglers use downward rod snaps without the tips touching the water. A fast- or extra-fast-action is key. The blank must be responsive enough to transmit jerks, but provide adequate cushion so hooks stay buried during the fight.


Experiment with how fast and far you move Jerkbaits For All Species, along with how long it’s paused, to match fish mood and activity level. Generally, the warmer the water, the faster the retrieve, the more aggressive the snap, and the shorter the pause. This triggers reaction strikes. Generally, it’s best to slow down in cold water. Assertive snaps can be productive, but extend the pause.

If you’re not using this versatile big fish catching bait, you are missing out. Jerkbaits can be used in a variety of situations and are effective all year. Tie one on and give it a try this year, you will be glad you did.
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