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Shallow Summer Lilly Pads

July 7, 2020 by lbailey

As the sun rises higher later in the day, bass seek the shade of Shallow Summer Lilly Pads and move deeper into the pad canopies. The best way to catch bass burrowed into these pads is to cast a Texas rigged Zoom trick worm on a 1/8 oz un-pegged tungsten weight. I like to look for little channels or openings in the pads when fishing this way. The real key to this types of fishing is to work the worm as slow as possible with frequent stops, letting is just sit there. It is truly hard to beat a straight trick worm around and in lily pads.

Shallow Summer Lilly Pads

Giant lily pads in water as shallow as 1 foot can be productive in the summer because the plants create a lot of shade for bass to find cooler water. Most natural lakes have shallow lily pads and some reservoirs with mud bottoms are loaded with the aquatic shallow summer lilly pads.

This type of cover can be productive most of the year, it’s when the pads have lush green bonnets in warmer months that they produce best.

I will use the technique I mentioned above in this shallow of water. However pitching a creature bait of jig using a 1/2 oz size works great in summer when the lilies are a little deeper up to 6′ – 8′ of water. I use a 1/2 oz size weight because most of the bass hit the bait as it falls. Pay close attention most of the bites you will hardly know a fish has it other than feeling the line scratching the lilly stems as it moves off.

Although all lily pads look fishy, it’s best to avoid fishing large sections of the floating plants. Concentrate on key areas such as unusual features along the pad line. Some features to look for include a point jutting out from the pad line, an isolated clump of pads, a log or stump protruding from the pads and isolated openings and cuts in a field of lily pads.

feeding on baitfish, crawfish or real frogs

If the weather is cloudy, you can throw plastic frogs and toads in the pads all day long since bass will be cruising through the weeds feeding on baitfish, crawfish or real frogs. Other weedless lures that trigger strikes when bass are inside the pads include spoons, Baby Buzzbaits and floating worms.

Water clarity is the very first thing I notice anytime I’m targeting aquatic vegetation. When fishing lily pads, you really want to have clean water. Of course that’s a relative term, but if I can see 10 inches or more, I’m not concerned. It’s when real muddy water blows into a pad field that you probably need to look for a new area. The bass very well still may be there, but it will be nearly impossible to get them to bite.”

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