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NE Early Spring Bass Fishing

March 30, 2021 by lbailey

Let’s talk about early spring bass fishing.

NE Early Spring Bass Fishing is the time of year that every Bass fisherman who is worth his salt looks forward to. The thought of Bass that haven’t seen a lure for at least 3 months is enough to stir any of us into a frenzy.

Let me tell you that early spring has it’s advantages but it can have its own unique problems as well. Rising water temperatures can send Bass into flurries of activity that are a Bass fisherman’s dream come true. But, just as quickly, a stubborn early spring cold front can be a nightmare that puts the fish back into hibernation mode.

 The key to successful fishing during this time of year lies in using the proper lures, presenting them properly and using the weather conditions to your advantage. Paying attention to the smallest details can sometimes mean the difference between a respectable day’s catch, a great days catch and going home skunked. When starting out in the spring you can expect water temperatures to be in the low 40 degree range. Most people shiver when they even think of fishing in this kind of cold water. But the temperature should clue you in as to what type of lure is apt to give you the best results. Think small. 1/16 to 1/8 oz hair jigs by Andy’s Jigs.

NE Early Spring Bass Fishing Weather Details

The weather is always the controlling factor in early spring fishing. But its not always the enemy. Knowing what to look for in weather patterns can play a big part in being a successful early spring fisherman. Let me explain.

Sunny Days

One bright, sunny, warm spring day, as nice as it is, is not usually enough to turn the fish on unless the body of water you are fishing is extremely shallow. At least 2 or 3 days of stable weather are needed to really get things moving, although 4 or 5 days are better. Here’s why.

NE Early Spring Bass Fishing

By the end of the 3rd day the fish will begin to actually feel the rise of the water temp. At this time they will begin start to feed more aggressively and will be more responsive to any of your presentations. Most fisherman think of cloudy, overcast days as being the ideal conditions for aggressive feeding on the part of the Bass. This is only partly true.

Cloudy Days

A cloudy day , after having 2 or 3 other cloudy days isn’t worth a whole lot. A series of cool, cloudy days does nothing but drop the water temperature and put a damper on the Bass’ metabolism. The key to the cloudy day theory, especially in the early spring, is to fish the first cloudy day after a warming trend. If you have 4 or 5 warm, sunny days and then a cloudy, rainy day be sure to get out on the lake, even if it means calling into work and taking the day off. “It’ll be well worth it”.

Not only will you increase your chances of catching numbers of fish but your chances of connecting with a genuine hawg increase, in my opinion, by 25-30%. Under these conditions the hair Jig is without a doubt the best choice to throw. A sincere effort on the part of the angler will generally pay off with some good quality catches.

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