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Lee Bailey Pro Stats "Winning tournaments was great, but just earning that respect among my peers was a big thing". Lee Bailey Pro Stats career finishes from over 350 tournaments thru 2007.




Lee Bailey Pro Stats list below covers Lees pro career. The B.A.S.S. Federation Nation played an instrumental role in helping Bassmaster Elite Series pro Lee Bailey Jr. fulfill his lifelong dream.”Since I was a kid, I dreamed about being a professional bass fisherman, and the only way to do that was to join the Federation Nation, fish with a club and learn as much as I could,” said the Connecticut pro.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Lee Bailey Jr. fulfilled his lifelong dream.

Lee Bailey Jr wrapped Bass Elite and FLW tour boat.

Gaining recognition at the Federation Nation level helped reinforce Bailey’s drive toward the pro ranks. “Winning tournaments was great, but just earning that respect among my peers was a big thing,” Says Lee Bailey Pro Stats. Lee has competed in over 350 tournament throughout his career.

Date Tour Event Place 
9/13/2007Bass EliteLake Toho80  
8/23/2007Bass MajorLake Dardanelle50  
8/9/2007Bass ElitePotomac River54  
7/19/2007Bass EliteLake Erie/Niagara River106  
7/12/2007Bass EliteLake Champlain68  
6/21/2007Bass EliteGrand Lake53  
6/7/2007Bass EliteSmith Mountain Lake43  
5/17/2007Bass MajorHigh Rock Lake7  
4/26/2007Bass EliteLake Guntersville88  
4/19/2007Bass EliteClarks Hill23  
3/29/2007Bass EliteClear Lake59  
3/22/2007Bass EliteCalifornia Delta39  
3/8/2007Bass EliteLake Amistad89  
2/23/2007Bass EliteLay Lake32  
11/15/2006FLWSLewis Smith Lake180  
9/14/2006Bass EliteTable Rock Lake23  
8/24/2006Bass MajorArkansas River41  
8/10/2006Bass ElitePotomac River48  
7/27/2006Bass MajorLake Wylie12  
7/13/2006Bass EliteLake Champlain72  
7/6/2006Bass EliteOneida Lake6  
6/15/2006Bass EliteKentucky Lake7  
6/1/2006Bass EliteGrand Lake77  
5/18/2006Bass MajorEagle Mountain Lake13  
5/4/2006Bass EliteClarks Hill Reservoir48  
4/20/2006Bass EliteLake Guntersville68  
3/30/2006Bass EliteSantee-Cooper40  
3/16/2006Bass EliteSam Rayburn Reservoir42  
3/9/2006Bass EliteLake Amistad46  
6/22/2005FLWPotomac River181  
5/11/2005FLWWheeler Lake29  
4/13/2005FLWBeaver Lake28  
3/31/2005Bass TourTable Rock Lake62  
3/17/2005Bass TourLake Norman28  
3/9/2005FLWOuachita River190  
3/3/2005Bass TourClarks Hill86  
2/24/2005Bass TourLake Guntersville91  
2/9/2005FLWLake Toho190  
2/3/2005Bass TourHarris Chain80  
1/27/2005Bass TourLake Toho21  
1/19/2005FLWLake Okeechobee111  
8/11/2004FLWLogan Martin Lake13  
7/30/2004Bass TourLake Wylie37  
6/23/2004FLWLake Champlain61  
5/12/2004FLWKentucky Lake15  
3/31/2004FLWBeaver Lake54  
3/25/2004Bass TourSantee Cooper Lakes25  
3/18/2004Bass TourLake Eufaula63  
3/10/2004FLWOld Hickory Lake34  
3/4/2004Bass TourTable Rock Lake90  
2/26/2004Bass TourLake Guntersville26  
2/11/2004FLWAtchafalaya Basin172  
2/5/2004Bass TourSmith Lake
1/29/2004Bass TourHarris Chain of Lakes89
11/6/2003Southern OpenLake Eufaula156
10/16/2003Southern OpenLake Okeechobee94
9/25/2003Bass TourLouisiana Delta43
6/18/2003FLW Wheeler Lake 161
5/14/2003FLW Kentucky Lake139
4/9/2003FLW Beaver Lake 19
3/20/2003Bass TourSantee Cooper123
3/12/2003FLW Lake Murray58
3/6/2003Bass TourLake Eufaula144
2/20/2003Bass TourToledo Bend123
2/12/2003FLW Atchafalaya Basin143
2/6/2003Bass TourLake Seminole98
1/22/2003FLW Lake Okeechobee24
1/16/2003Bass TourLake Okeechobee74
1/9/2003Bass TourHarris Chain of Lakes40
10/3/2002Nortthern OpenPotomac River3
9/12/2002Nortthern OpenSt. Lawrence River15
8/8/2002Nortthern OpenPotomac River26
4/8/2002Bass TourLake Eufaula143
4/10/2002Bass TourLake Guntersville104
1/1/2002FLWTounaments Fished  1
2/21/2001BASS Central OpenSam Rayburn Res.235
2/6/2001Bass TourLake Seminole136
12/12/2001Bass TourLake Toho9
11/8/2001BASS Central OpenLake Of The Ozarks152
10/31/2001Bass TourRed River151
8/22/2001BASS TourLake St. Clair113
5/8/2001MegabucksDouglas Lake144
4/19/2001BASS Central OpenTable Rock Lake14
3/28/2001Top 150Lake Wheeler148
3/1/2001BASS Central OpenSam Rayburn Res.247
2/21/2001Top 150Toledo Bend Res151
1/17/2001Top 150Kissimmee Chain of Lakes81
11/9/2000BASS Central Inv.Lake Of The Ozarks98
10/18/2000Top 150Mobile Delta154
9/20/2000Top 150Louisiana Delta80
8/24/2000Top 150Potomac River126
5/10/2000Top 150Lake Wheeler75
4/6/2000BASS Central Inv.Table Rock Lake9
3/21/2000MegabucksLake Murray0
3/9/2000BASS Eastern Inv. Pickwick And Wilson Lakes204
2/23/2000Top 150Lake Seminole34
2/10/2000BASS Central Inv.Sam Rayburn Res.174
1/20/2000BASS Eastern Inv. Lake Okeechobee311
1/12/2000Top 150Kissimmee Chain of Lakes57
12/2/1999BASS Central Inv.Lake Martin145
11/4/1999BASS Central Inv.Lake Of The Ozarks60
10/13/1999Top 150Potomac River96
9/23/1999NewYork inv.St. Lawrence River311
9/15/1999Top 150Lake Champlain101
8/25/1999Top 150Lake St. Clair15
5/11/1999MegabucksOld Hickory Lake144
4/29/1999BASS Central Inv.Lake Eufaula250
4/7/1999Top 150Lake Mead135
3/25/1999BASS Central Inv.Table Rock Lake54
3/3/1999Top 150Lake Wheeler148
2/18/1999BASS Central Inv.Sam Rayburn Res.3
1/13/1999Top 150Kissimmee Chain of Lakes93
1/1/1999FLWTounaments Fished  3
11/12/1998BASS Central Inv.Lake Of The Ozarks233
10/14/1998Top 150Louisiana Delta155
8/26/1998Top 150Potomac River114
3/12/1998BASS Central Inv.Lake Texoma21
2/19/1998BASS Eastern Inv. Santee Cooper216
2/12/1998BASS Central Inv.Ross Barnett Res.77
1/1/1998FLWTounaments Fished  5
12/4/1997BASS Central Inv.Sam Rayburn Res.68
11/13/1997BASS Central Inv.Lake Of The Ozarks77
10/23/1997BASS Eastern Inv. Buggs Island Res.121
9/18/1997BASS Eastern Inv. St. Lawrence River72
5/8/1997BASS Eastern Inv. Lake Guntersville288
4/20/1997BASS Central Inv.Table Rock Lake1
4/10/1997BASS Eastern Inv. Santee Cooper297
2/20/1997BASS Central Inv.Sam Rayburn Res.63
1/1/1997FLWTounaments Fished  5
12/5/1996BASS Central Inv.Ross Barnett Res.205
11/21/1996BASS Eastern Inv. Lake Hartwell101
10/26/1996BASS Central Inv.Arkansas River74
9/26/1996BASS Eastern Inv. Lake Gaston246
5/18/1996BASS Eastern Inv. Lake Eufaula165
4/27/1996BASS Central Inv.Lake Of The Ozarks124
4/6/1996BASS Central Inv.Table Rock Lake164
2/19/1996BASS Central Inv.Sam Rayburn Res.272
1/1/1996FLWTounaments Fished  1
12/2/1995BASS Eastern Inv. Lake Lanier 47
11/4/1995BASS Central Inv.Arkansas River106
10/14/1995BASS Eastern Inv. Potomac River159
1/1/1995FLWTounaments Fished  6
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