Baby Buzzbait™

The Baby Buzzbait™ is an absolute bass slayer



Lee Bailey Jr Baby Buzzbait "The most compact ever built"
Lee Bailey Jr Baby Buzzbait™

For the first time ever, Lee Bailey Jr Baby Buzzbait™ has created a 1/4 size Buzzbait lure using technologically advanced concepts. Including a precision cupped and pitched prop like no other. Combine this and the use of 1/8 size components, and you have the most compact design ever made.

You can cast the 1/4 oz Baby farther. While still using heavy equipment and line so you can get those giants out of the thick stuff. This baits compact design allows you to fish it through the thickest cover. This new Buzzbait by Lee Bailey Jr was designed to tame the most matted vegetation without gumming up.

The Baby Buzzbait™ is the ingenuity of retired ELITE series pro, BASSMASTER Champion and 3 Time BASSMASTER Classic qualifier Lee Bailey, Jr. Lee excelled to become one of the Nations most recognized professional Anglers and Lure Designers.

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Baby Buzzbait™ is known as a big fish bait, especially during the late spring, summer, and fall. Choosing the Baby Buzzbait™ will help put more fish in the boat. The Unique combination of the precision gold anodized, Silver Props, the original head design, and wire bends allows the Baby Buzzbait™ to tame any matted vegetation.

Lee’s Buzzbait has logged in thousands of dollars in tournament wins since its initial development including a coveted B.A.S.S. Invitational victory.

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