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How to fish Laydowns

June 5, 2022 by Lee Bailey Jr

How to fish Laydowns (cover) Taken from “Strategies For Bass” by retired Elite Series Pro Lee Bailey Jr.

A tree fallen from the bank into the aquatic world is known to bass anglers as a laydown, blowdown or simply a log, depending on how long it has been in the water. The large trunk and heavy branches of a laydown offer ample shade and cover for bass to set up an ambush zone, while the algae buildup on the decaying tree attracts baitfish into the bass’ trap.

How to fish Laydowns (cover) Taken from "Strategies For Bass" by retired Elite Series Pro Lee Bailey Jr.

How to fish Laydowns (cover) Taken from “Strategies For Bass”

Laydowns in bass fisheries across the country come in all shapes and sizes. Some still have tall tops attached that might only have a limb or two showing above the surface, but under the water is a bass haven full of thick branches. Others might be slick logs with only a few stubby boughs left.

Whether you call it a laydown, a windfall or a fallen tree, this type of bass cover is found on just about any lake or river in the country. However, since a laydown on the bank is glaringly obvious it tends to receive heavy fishing pressure. You may think that professional anglers avoid laydowns, believing them to be fished out. The reality is that many of the country’s most accomplished pros snatch countless bass from this prevalent cover.

Its fish-holding qualities make a laydown a prime target for Bassmaster Elite Series pros, no matter where they fish throughout the country…

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