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Finessing The Big TRD

August 3, 2021 by lbailey

Finessing the Big TRD will conquer, even though summertime fishing can be a little tough. Rising water temps create a very taxing environment for post-spawn bass still beat up from the bedding process. As fish scatter in search of food and a more comfortable dwelling place, The bite gets a little tricky.

Baits like the Z-man Big TRD are a staple for summertime fishing, from the early summer immediate postspawn time frame right into the fall. Texas rig and Finesse the Big TRD. Try skipping it around shallow cover is a great way to catch big bass and numbers alike.

Finessing the Big TRD

At the urgency of anglers outside of the tiny world of finesse fishing, Z-Man created the Big TRD. Finesse Anglers wanted a bait that they could wield on a wacky rig, and on/or a Texas-style slip-sinker rig. The TRD (Turd) as we call i t can be used to skip and pitch it into various kinds of cover that largemouth bass relate to.

Use it on either a bait-caster or spinning, rod and reel that is spooled with 10-pound or 12-pound-test fluorocarbon line. Employ this retrieve that is called a slow-roll-and-dead stick presentation. Around laydowns, lily pads, and patches of wild hydrilla, where the water is four to five feet deep.

Accomplish this task by making accurate casts and delicate pitches to strategic spots. Along the edges and pockets of laydowns and patches of lily pads and wild hydrilla.

Once the Big TRD rig reaches the bottom, employ a deadstick presentation for four to five seconds. Then make three slow rotations of the reel handle. After the third rotation, pause and allow the Big TRD rig to glide and fall to the bottom. Deadstick it again for a few seconds. After the second deadstick presentation, slowly rotate the reel handle. This allows the Big TRD to swim and glide six to 10 inches above the bottom. Do this until the rig is 10 to 15 feet from the spot where the cast was placed.

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