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February Florida bass fishing

February 6, 2024 by lbailey

February Florida bass fishing can be characterized by trophy catches and the spawn. Water temperatures have hit the right temperatures to initiate the spawn. Now is the time to cash in on some big bass fishing here in Florida.

Lee Bailey with an 11 plus largemouth and Jeff with a 6 plus. Caught in February Florida bass fishing

February Florida bass fishing water temperatures in the 50’s is considered really cold!

Wondering where you can catch your next personal best largemouth bass? Central Florida is the ultimate destination to search out some giant bass. This is a bass fishing paradise for all anglers. Getting outdoors is a must when visiting Florida and the beauty these fisheries can bring to your vacation will be unforgettable. Enjoy this February Florida bass fishing in search of trophy largemouth bass!

This is my favorite time of year for bass fishing here in Central Florida. The weathers nice but more importantly the bass are biting and they’re biting allllll day. That’s right, it doesn’t really seem to matter what time you go out you’re gonna catch them. I’ve been averaging 10 to 20+ fish a day on my guide trips! Some days more than that. Even after cold fronts. It’s unbelievable.

Central Florida is a bass fishing paradise for all anglers.

To begin with the fish are in all stages right now. There’s pre-spawn fish, spawning fish, and post-spawn fish. As always it doesn’t seem to matter what time of year it is the best concentration of big fish (and I’m talking real big fish 8 pounds and up). Central Florida’s lakes are absolutely full of maiden-cane, Kissimmee grass, lily pads and reeds. It ALL looks good and it looks like you can just go down any grass edge and catch them.

But if you do that you’ll quickly find out that’s not the case. When February Florida bass fishing what you have to look for is the best OF the best. What I mean by that is you have to find areas of mixed types of vegetation with cleaner water. Area’s with lily pads mixed with Kissimmee grass and reeds maybe with a little bit of submerged vegetation on the bottom with good water clarity.

Anywhere there is an edge of either weeds and/or shell beds will attract fish.

February Florida bass fishing water temperatures in the 50’s is considered really cold! Normally during December and January, you find it in the 60’s. In fact, it is not uncommon to find bass spawning as the New Year rolls in. Weather really dictates the patterns of the fish. 60-degree water is the pre-spawn time. When water temp hits the 70’s, the spawn will get heavy, but that is dependent on the weather. If it is a gradual climb in temperature, the spawn comes slowly. But if it reaches the 70’s with an obvious warming trend, then the spawn kicks in real fast; especially if a full moon coincides.

Bottom composition is key to finding productive fishing areas. A hard bottom is tricky to find because they are constantly being silted over. However, that is also what makes them so special. While 10 feet is considered deep on most Florida waters, five feet is mid-range. That mid-range is where to look for key structure. Seek out offshore grass flats at this depth, Hydrilla is a common weed, but reeds, lily pads, pencil reeds, and cattails also hold fish.

Anywhere there is an edge of either weeds and/or shell beds will attract fish. The edge can be a depth change, or just the edge of a weedbed.

Depth changes can also be great places, “Anywhere the bottom has been dredged can be a hot spot. The deeper water stabilizes, which is a big deal because so much of shallow water fluctuates. Fish can stack up here and hold all winter.”

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