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Early Spring Binsky Tricks For Bass

April 7, 2021 by Lee Bailey Jr

Early Spring Binsky Tricks is traditionally a cold water presentation but its effectiveness doesn’t stop there! Keep the Binsky on deck in Early Spring and you might be surprised how the bass react.

Early Spring Binsky Tricks For Bass

Why does it work? Largemouths, Smallmouths as with many other predatory species, are primarily sight-feeders, but when their vision is impaired by murky water they rely heavily on their other senses. Fish detect many lures by picking up its vibrations with the sensitive lateral lines. This is the salient feature of a Binsky. It’s long, has a lean profile and its weight-forward construction causes a tremendous amount of vibration.

Binsky blade baits are not infallible. More than one angler has cursed his luck when a fish has turned against the lure and gotten off the hook. The quality the Binsky comes equipped with, a strong split ring that does not afford the fish the leverage to throw the hook. A supper sharp strong set of treble hooks that will stick a fish and hold them on the slightes bite.

Fishing Early Spring Binsky Tricks for largemouths or smallmouths is pretty much a no-brainer. Cast it out and reel it in. You can vary your retrieve and tweak the action by speeding up and slowing down, and by pumping your rod tip and allowing the lure to flutter momentarily. you need to believe that this “dying flutter” action would be dynamite on both ‘eyes and northern pike as well.

So, what’s the best time to start blade baiting bass? April and May is a hot period for Binsky blades and they are deadly on giant pre-spawn females. Right after ice-out plump butterball shaped bass move shallow toward their selected spawning grounds. Here, they gorge themselves on bait fish while waiting for the water to warm up to 55-58 degrees. Many anglers will still catch fish on tubes, worms, and cranks, but if you want hot fishing action, concentrate on blades.

Early Spring Binsky Tricks For Bass
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