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Dog days of summer

July 4, 2021 by lbailey

The dog days of summer on most lakes and ponds will often drive the surface temperatures way into the high 80’s and even into the 90’s. This hot water many times does everything except make lake fishing “HOT”. In fact the bass in most lakes during the hot summer are so tough to catch that most fishermen look for an air conditioned room, a cold one and a baseball game.

I have found that the dog days of summer is a very stable time to fish on most current system bodies of water. Here you will typically find that the water temperatures are lower than in the still water lakes. You will also find it to be a time when river currents and water levels are not fluctuating much either. This lower temperature accompanied by a rivers natural current flow will produce high oxygen levels. The bass that are lucky enough to have current will usually show a higher activity level than those that will be found in most lakes during the summer months.

Daog Days of summer result in exsplosive fishing.

“I have found that the dog days of summer is a very stable time to fish on most current system bodies of water”.

dog days of summer is main river and creek time.

Bass migrate back onto the main body of the river current system, where they hang around channel-oriented structure: humps, points, drop-offs and ledges. Also where there is cover like pilings,bushes and lay-downs and weeds. Your best bet in the first part of this summer migration phase is the mouth of creeks on the main river and at the mouth of a spawning cove.

Baitfish and bass will gravitate to weedy bays and pockets, where the water is cooler and highly oxygenated. Bass position themselves near irregularities in the weed bed, such as holes, pockets and points, laydowns and junk piles. They can be taken on the surface with a weedless frog or rat, or by flipping or pitching a plastic worm or creature bait through the grass.

Bass lay in heavy structure where they can ambush prey

The summer time on most river systems offers bass an increased supply of accessible food. With the current factor river systems offer the bass the capability to stay shallow throughout the summer. Here they take advantage of the current and lay in heavy structure where they can ambush this ample supply of food. This ample supply of feed usually consists of earlier hatched fry and baitfish from the spring spawns.

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