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Baby Buzzbait™ Early Summer Tips

April 18, 2021 by lbailey
Baby Buzzbait™ early summer tips

I notice that a lot of weekend anglers have never tried the Baby Buzzbait™ early summer tips, and that is a mistake. The Baby Buzzbait™ has helped me qualify three times for the prestigious Bassmaster Classic When the fish are using shallow water cover, the buzzbait will flush them out.

This lure is one of my favorites for drawing fish out of heavy cover in both stained and clear water.

There’s not but four characteristics of a Baby Buzzbait™ early summer.

It’s a great tool for locating bass in the shallows. When I’m checking out new areas, I move quickly and make a lot of casts until I get a bite. It may not be the only lure that I use during a tournament, but it’s an important one for finding fish.

The lure belongs in non-tournament anglers’ tackle boxes simply because it is fun to fish. Baby Buzzbait™ strikes on the surface not only are sudden and exhilarating, but the lure attracts big fish as often as it does small ones.

There’s not but four characteristics of a lure that make it appealing to a bass, and a buzzbait offers three of them. It can be seen, heard and puts out vibrations. The only one missing is scent, so it covers just about everything you need to trigger a strike.

1. Vary your speed:

I notice most anglers make the mistake of tying on a Baby Buzzbait™, making a few casts, and then putting it down for the rest of the day.

You have to experiment with the lure to find just how the fish want it, and changing speeds and direction is a good way to do that. Changing speeds and direction not only allows you to experiment with the sound and vibrations, but it affects what the bass sees, as well.

2. Fish it at night:

A lot of features you see in Baby Buzzbait™ Early Summer Tips come from my over 30 years of competition.

I admit that you may not catch the numbers that you can with other lures at night, but the Baby Buzzbait™ will produce bigger bass. Nighttime bass are more secure, therefore they will travel a greater distance to hit a buzzbait than they will during daytime.

If there’s a fish in the area, he’s lurking in the shadows. A major feature of the Baby Buzzbait™ is the angle of the wire between the blade and the head into a downward stair-step. This keeps the head, skirt and hook a little deeper underwater, which makes it easier for the fish to eat the bait.

3. Expand your seasons

Baby Buzzbait™ is mistakenly stereotyped as a hot weather lure.

I’ve caught some giants in 50-degree water in both spring and fall, when most people think you have to fish deep. On unseasonably warm spring or late fall afternoons, bass will venture into shallow water to feed. When fish move toward shallows in cold water, they’re usually looking for a big meal.

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